Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing, AKA. Search Engine Marketing, AKA. Paid Search / Display Advertising, AKA. Get me some high quality website traffic so I can make my website start working for me!

Pay per click marketing is definitely one aspect of digital advertising that I love because of the power behind it. The opportunity to place your ad in front of a user that is actively searching for your service/product in your location. Before Google & Bing, it was left to traditional advertising efforts, and while I agree that traditional advertising is a good approach, running a paid search campaign can capture all that interest you just stirred up with your traditional marketing.

There are some key focus areas I place my mind on when managing or creating a search or display campaign. Those are;

  1. Are we going after the most relevant keywords
  2. Are there any areas to improve and lower cost per clicks (CPC’s)?
  3. What is the competition doing different and how can we stand out?
  4. Are we maximizing the amount of traffic with the given budget?
  5. How well is the traffic converting?
  6. What is the traffic behavior like & are there any areas in which we can improve?

When it comes down to paid traffic, whether we are running ads on Google, Bing or Facebook, my overall goal is to get the most bang for your buck and maximize ROI. Every business/brand requires it’s own digital strategy and that is the beauty to it. My job is to understand your business & goals, develop a digital strategy and continue to build and grow on top of that. Whether you need someone to manage your digital advertising or just need to consult and pick my brain for new ideas, I can help.


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