Web Design

Website design, being my first interest in the web world, has allowed me to work with many different clients and website solutions. From creating static html websites to complete WordPress websites, I have done a bit of everything. Some of the content management systems I have worked with in the past are WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine & Magento. I currently focus mostly on WordPress websites now only because I believe it is the best solution for many of the type of clients I work with. Easy to navigate, update and not overwhelming for clients.

When I am developing a website for a client, from the first concept stage, I design with a marketing mind behind it. Meaning, I am not only looking to meet the functional requirements that the client is asking for, but also creating it with the idea of the site converting, whether you are looking to create sales, leads or high quality engagement on the website.


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There are 5 steps to the website design process that lead up to your live website.


Phase 1: Understanding Your Business Goals & Vision

I begin by understanding your business, audience and goals for the website along with the image in your mind of what you think you would like your website to look like.


Phase 2: How Will My Website Look Like?

The next step is to create a concept of your website. Basically, this is a mockup design of what your website will look like, where elements are positioned, etc. At this stage, this is where we figure out what we like and what we need changed or removed. Once the concept is approved, I begin coding.


Phase 3: Building, Coding & Adding Content

Coding, the fun part. This is the stage where I take the approved concept and build it into a fully functional website. In addition, this is the stage where I build out all the required pages, add content/media, etc.


Phase 4: Final Website Review Before Going Live

Now it is time to review your non-live website and look for any content/media changes needed. If everything looks good, we are ready for the final step.


Phase 5: Going Live

Now we have a complete website and we are ready to go live. I then make the necessary changes to make your website go live. That’s it!


If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me here.