Why Great Photos Are Essential to Your Brand’s Success

Many of times, I begin developing a client’s website mockup design and find less than good photos delivered to me by the client to use to display their product(s). When it comes to service based businesses, it’s a bit more flexible because we can use high quality stock photos instead. But in the case of a product, whether it be apparel, gadgets, you name it, this can become counter productive and instead of having a nice, professional website, it can quickly look cheap & half-assed. When consumers are going through their buying process, what they see visually can make a big difference between choosing your product or bouncing off your site. Having professional photography done is a worthwhile investment and should not be taken lightly when it comes to your business and brand.

When you are in search of a photographer, there are some key points to look at.

Does he/she understand my vision?
Do they understand the message we would like to achieve in the photos?

Definitely be sure to look through their portfolio and look to see if you have found a good match. If you would like to see mine, please click here. Finding the right photographer to photograph your products can make a tremendous effect on how your website performs as far as conversions and on your brand’s reputation.

So next time you are ready to have photos taken of your products or services, take the time, do the homework, invest the right amount and enjoy the results